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What is Longshot?

Longshot it's...
A complete basic shooting course which covers everything a serious long distance shooter/hunter must know to be precise & accurate in the field.

Module 1: bolt action rifle used for lds.
1.1: The parts and characteristics required for a rifle used in long distance shooting
1.2: maintenance of the firearm
1.3: breaking in a new barrel
1.4: how to properly prepare your rifle for shooting
1.5: storage and handling of ammunition
1.6: determining the speed of your projectiles with a chronograph

Module 2: function of a bolt action rifle and overview of internal and external ballistics

2.1: ballistic coefficient

2.2: functioning of a bolt action rifle and gyroscopic stability

Module 3: understanding how the scope and measurement units work
3.1: scope
3.2: milliradians (mills) and minutes of angles (moa)
3.3: the ballistic curve versus adjusting the riflescope
3.4: calculate the distance of our target using the scope

module 4: wind and spin drift
4.1: wind
4.2: spin drift

module 5: principles and firing positions
5.1: the five principles of shooting
5.2: firing positions

module 6: basic concept for the use of a ballistic program
6.1: having the right weapon’s data for the ballistics program
6.2: overview of how to use it

An advanced course which will study in deep, marksmanship technics and ballistics. (The course is expected for 2018 and the basic course is a prerequisit)
A passionate and friendly instructor with a solid marksmanship and ballistics knowledge / background, who can teach many years of range learning within a day.
- Active long distance shooter since 2012
- Basic long distance shooting course with an eastern Canadian marksmanship school (2013)
- Ammunition reloading course with an eastern Canadian marksmanship school (2013)
- Former sniper for Canadian armed forces ( 2013-2015)
- Range safety officer, province of Qc (2014)
- Director of long distance shooting for the CTRV, Quebec ( Canadian forces base Valcartier recreative shooting club) http://ctrval.blogspot.com/p/operations.html
- Owner and instructor for Longshot shooting school (2016 to now)

A school which accommodate its candidates with an hotel partnership (discount at Best western Cold Lake) to make sure they are well rested the night prior the course.

A school which offer a high standard course at a low cost.

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http://www.longshotschool.ca/course-fee for the details and send us an email.

How can you join us on the next course and be a part of the team?
One easy way, info@longshotschool.ca


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